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Temperature and Humidity Controller For Incubator

There are noticeable requirements for egg incubators around the world in view of numerous elements. Egg incubation is a technology that provides opportunity for farmers to produce chicks from egg without the consent of the mother hen; it is also one of the ways of transforming eggs to chicks. Eggs have been incubated by artificial means for thousands of years. An automatic incubator needs to control four elements—temperature, humidity, ventilation and movement. Modern commercial incubators are heated by electricity have automatic egg turning devices, and are equipped with automatic controls to maintain the proper levels of temperature and humidity.

An incubator is an enclosed device used for conserving a living organism in a controlled environment. An incubation is artificial method to hatch the eggs. For this process incubation incubator devise is used. It allows to hatch the eggs without having hen. Incubation can be done by manually operated incubator and automatically operated incubator according to users demand. Electrical incubator is a device used for scientific incubation process in which temperature, humidity and other environmental factors can be maintained at desired temperature levels. For an egg incubator, it enhances the propensity of hatching eggs in mass. A great number of eggs can be hatched at a time while the layers(mother hen) can be free to lay more eggs there by resulting into high poultry production and low reduction in expenditure. Egg hatching is an innovation that gives chance to agriculturists to deliver chicks from eggs without the impact of mother hen, is likewise one of the methods for changing eggs to chicks. The most vital distinction amongst common and artificial brooding is the fact that the natural parent provides warmth by contact rather than surrounding the eggs with warm air in case of artificial incubation. The developing chick in an egg is called an embryo, a watchful investigation of various phases of embryonic advancement will reveal numerous fascinating fact. Brooding of eggs will show you the impacts of warmth, air and moisture on hatchability. Present day electrical hatcheries are warmed by electricity, have programmed egg turning gadgets, and are furnished with programmed controls to maintain the best possible levels of warmth, humidity, an air exchange.
Arduino compiler to execute the software code and dumping using usb cable.

Watch Video Demonstration Carefully Till End -- Temperature and Humidity Controller For Incubator

Block Diagram -- Temperature and Humidity Controller For Incubator

Hardware Components Used For Project

  • Audruino uno r3
  • 5v RELAY - 4
  • 230v AC Bulbs -3
  • servo Motor -1
  • switches - 3
  • dc motor
  • DHT-11 SENSOR /li>

Softwares Used For Project

  • ARDUINO Studio Interface
  • ARDUINO ISP USB Programming of all ARDUINO Devices
  • Programs both Flash and EEPROM
  • USB Interface to PC for Programming and Control
  • Takes Power from USB. No need for Additional Power Supply

Project Software Code + Schematic Diagram Link Download